T&W Employer Services



T&W Employer Services for unemployment compensation are extended to both contributing and reimbursing Ohio employers.

    These services include:

  • Claims processing and management
  • Timely filing of appeals
  • Preparation of witnesses
  • Administrative hearing representation
  • Identification of matters that may need legal representation
  • Monitoring benefit charges and assessments
  • Reporting functions for account activity customized to meet your specific needs
  • Training and informative seminars to the employer's specifications
  • Review business changes such as sales, mergers or acquisitions within the appropriate guidelines based on our knowledge and experience within our non-legal authority.
  • Auditing of annual contribution tax rate determinations
  • Recommendations regarding voluntary contributions

We take advantage of opportunities to avoid benefit charges to the accounts of contributing employers by utilizing the mutualized fund. This technique alone reduces contribution rates and results in substantial savings.

Fraud: For employers who obtain our services for both unemployment and workers' compensation, we have cross checking capabilities to ensure that employees are not attempting to collect both benefits for the same time period. This type of fraud is responsible for companies all across Ohio paying millions of dollars in higher annual premiums.


Workers' compensation services are provided to Ohio Private and Public State Funded Employers and Public and Private Retrosective Employers.

Services for Ohio, state fund employers include review of claims costs and the Experience Exhibit for each fiscal policy year for each client. T&W reviews manual classification assignments and reported payroll by the employer that impacts your premium rates.

T&W evaluates each claim for its' validity and coordinates between the Managed Care Organization (MCO) and Employer to facility tiely reporting of injury and establishes the common goal for swift return to work for the injured worker to include accommodating restrictions if supported by the physician of record.

T&W will represent the client before the Indistrial Commission to resolve disputed issues that may arise through the claims management process. The Employer and any identified witness for the employer may be recommended to assist with their knowledge of the claim dispute.

T&W will monitor activity and when handicap condistions are recognized, in a lost-time claim, will file for relief to the claims cost and indemnity (if paid compensation by BWC). This application process results in reducing costs, therefore reducing modified losses and can reduce the 'experience modifier' and reduce premium dollars.

T&W will provide:

  • BWC updates to policies
  • Anual projections for policy savings opportunities by reviewing for enrollment into BWC Refund programs, Group Rating, and Group Retrospective Program Savings
  • Individual consulting services, staff training and seminar presentations. Furter details of our services are vailable upon request.


The fee structure used by T&W Employer Services, INC. is a flat annual fee. To establish our fee we take into consideration the previous and current activity provided, service expectations, the location of the client and estimated travel for hearings and other on-site requirements. Other fee structures are available, and will be discussed as requested. THe most common fee structure is a flat annual fee. Use our contact form, or call today to learn more.