More About T&W Employer Services



The information system used by T&W EMPLOYER SERVICES, INC. for reporting to our clients is an Excel spreadsheet/data base. Our communication format for reports and other types of communication services are by e-mail to our current clients.

T&W is willing to explore any system requirements and discuss with our Client specific needs. The purchase of new systems to meet demands outside of our current capabilities may be discussed and negotiated for cost consideration.


T&W will provide any required education to meet our client’s needs. We are prepared to act as the administrator, overseeing and coordinating your workers’ and unemployment compensation management. We prefer to meet one on one with the individuals who are involved in the daily activities of claims processing, T&W can then establish the most effective policies and methods of communication as well as the required reporting functions. We find that in-person meetings enhance good working relationships. We customarily provide informational packets to our clients that will include recommendation of procedures and expectations.

T&W can conduct on-site workshops or seminar presentations for support/supervisory staff to educate them in regards to their role in workers’ and unemployment compensation cost control. Our focus is on proper documentation and effective communication with the employees under their supervision. We also explain the hearing process and stress the importance of willingly providing first-hand testimony. These services can easily be customized to meet your specific needs.


T&W EMPLOYER SERVICES has a high rate of success with favorable determinations, both at the initial determination level and at the Hearing Officer level. Success is knowing that our client is satisfied, not necessarily by the outcome, but rather knowing that we worked together to present the facts fairly and clearly to the best of our ability. The outcome is ultimately the opinion of the Hearing officer. He or She assesses the testimony and issues then makes the decision based on The Ohio Revised Code Law.


We believe what sets T&W EMPLOYER SERVICES, INC. apart from other service companies is our ability to be personalized in our services. The success of our claims management has come from knowing our clients, establishing long-term relationships and being available to answer questions to evaluate their position in claims and personnel decisions. Our experience and expertise often will suggest a review of their policy before ordering discharge, making certain that all efforts have been exhausted to bring success to the final determination. We coordinate the investigation of workers’ compensation claims by reviewing the medical history and documentation, the claims history and the casual relationship of the injury. In an effort to control the claims costs we expect working as a team with the BWC, MCO and employer to return the injured worker back to work in some capacity as soon as possible.